Project Resource Management Process

There is a larger dynamic associated with resources. We acquire based on what kind of resources are we doing. One of the common resources involved in almost all projects is the human resource. Project Resource Management includes the processes to find, acquire, and manage the resources needed for the successful completion of the project. 

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Resource Management Process

  1. Plan Resource Management

Plan resource management is the first and the initial step of project resource management. This process is usually performed only once or at few predefined points throughout the project lifecycle to help in establishing the way of approach and level of management required for managing the resource. These aspects ate majorly influenced by the type and complexity of the project

  1. Estimate Activity Resources

Once you are done with planning, the next process is to estimate activity resources. In this process, the resources needed for the project along with their type and quantity of tools, equipment, raw material, and supplies are being estimated. This process is generally executed throughout the project lifecycle with specific intervals. 

  1. Acquire Resources

Acquire Resources deal with collecting the various human resources, facilities, tools and equipment, supplies, and raw materials required to deliver the project. This process helps in defining and directing the selection process of the project resources and then assigning them to their specific activities/tasks. Thus, it is performed at a periodic interval throughout the project lifecycle and helps in preventing running out of resources. 

  1. Develop Team

Developing Team purely concentrates on the development of team bonding and assigning them with rewarding work, future opportunities, and career development.  It helps in performed throughout the project lifecycle and intensifies teamwork, improves the interpersonal skills of the individuals, motivates the team, and reduces attrition.

  1. Manage Team

Here every team member’s performance is monitored and tracked, their problem area is identified and the issues are resolved, and feedback is given. This process is generally performed throughout the project lifecycle and helps in influencing the team’s behavior, managing the conflicts, and resolving the brewing issues 

  1. Control Resources

In Control Resource, the project managers ensure that the resources that are assigned and allocated for the project activities are available. They also monitor their estimated usage vs actual usage and subsequently take corrective action to keep the project on track. This process is generally performed throughout the project lifecycle and helps in ensuring that the necessary project resources are deployed to the correct places at the correct time and are released when the project wraps up.


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