Resource Management Tips

What we will share with you today are seven tips that will helps you in managing the resources of a project. Resource management ensures that the project is delivered on time. These Resource Management tips we have found is helpful in successful completion of the project on time.

Top 10 Project Resource Management Tips

  1. Allocating time per project: so many times we have resources or people who are assigned to not only our project but other projects. The failure arises when we try to allocate them a hundred percent to our project when they are spread across the different projects. It’s important to allocate time per project. Therefore you prevent allocating a hundred percent of their time on your project.
  1. Block out Unavailable time: The resources on your project may not available a hundred percent of their time even though they are allocated specifically to your project. There can be a breakdown of machinery, people go on vacation, time spent in a meeting, etc. It’s important to block that time out on their schedule so they’re not assigned critical deadlines or times due during the times of their out. 
  1. Execute Risk Plan: Execute a risk plan for your critical person or critical resources that are assigned to your project. Many times a critical person or resources on your project may be reassigned to a higher priority project or for some reason may not available on your project. So it’s important to implement the risk plan for those specific resources to identify which are these resources and risk planning in case something happens to that critical people/resources. Many times we have to go back and update the estimates because if you reassign these resources they may not be as efficient and productive as the previous one. So it’s going to impact the estimates.
  1. Require Real-Time Time Tracking: Real-time time tracking avoids delayed guesstimates of your project that can throw off your timeline. 
  1. Avoid bottle-necks and adjust quickly: A lot of times you may have people working on your project who are bogged down for some reason. Maybe they’re stuck on a problem or an issue that can’t be resolved. So they keep working on it and maybe they haven’t asked for help or indicated they’re having a problem. So it’s important to keep a watch on your resources, what they are working on, how much time are they taking and avoid any bottlenecks and get them to help quickly
  1. Resource Pool Across All Projects: Create a resource pooling. It centralizes information, making it easier for project managers to administer tasks across a variety of projects. Creating and maintaining an active resource pool provides an accurate picture of resource availability and streamlines project delivery.
  1. Use of Technology: Technology has vastly improved resource management and automate resource allocation. The best resource management software routes estimates organize staffing availability and manage workloads, enabling project managers to do things faster and more efficiently. Use technology saves time, money, and effort and allows managers to focus on your project’s resources.

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